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The Clubhouse is currently a FREE Rental.
*provided you clean it after use
*you agree to "you break it, you bought it"
*booking dates are available to view on the Lexington Woods FaceBook private page.
This privilege is only for residents of Lexington Woods.  

*To book a date, call/text/msg John at 910-603-6006
*IF the clubhouse is not booked, and you want to use it spur of the moment (to hangout, watch a movie, whatever) just give me a call & I'll toss you a key. Same rules apply: leave it the way you found it

In 2022 we are resurfacing the floors and replacing some of the furniture (sofas, end tables, some chairs, rug) We may change the 'free rental' to 'you have to book a professional cleaner after events' *can be your personal cleaning company, or we can refer one to you. *during graduations times, the clubhouse gets booked back to back and must be kept clean for each new party. 

*The Clubhouse will NOT be booked for major holidays. 
(Example: New Years Eve- the clubhouse will be open.)

Clubhouse Reservations Calendar

Clubhouse Reservation and Pricing
To make a reservations please click on the drop-down link "Clubhouse Calendar" then select "Request Reservation".
The daily rental rate for the clubhouse rental is $150  and includes a 6 hour block of time.
(Please note the pool is not included with the clubhouse rental nor is it available for private parties).

In addition, a separate check for a $250 security deposit is required prior to rental.
This deposit will be returned upon approved checkout.
Both checks should be written to Lexington Woods HOA.  

If you have questions about the clubhouse or reservation process, please contact

Shannon Tillou 
Call: 770-200-8246 

Heritage Property Management at 770-200-8580 

Facility Reservations Facilities Calendar