The "Clubhouse" at Lexington Woods


The Clubhouse at Lexington Woods is approximately
1400 sqft

The Main room features:

  • Kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator, sink
  • Two large tables, each with 4 tall seats
  • A Portable PA System
  • 'Alexa' Amazon Echo smart speaker  
  • 55" television, with Xfinity Business Channel lineup & internet
  • Two comfortable sofas, end tables, ottoman, and chairs 
  • Ceiling fan, ample recessed lighting, and two 5 ton HVAC units 
  • Two bathrooms

  •  In 2020 a "mancave" area was created!
  •  *In reality, it's only a 'mancave' if the women aren't around.. 
    This area features:
  • 55" television, with Xfinity Business Channel lineup & internet
  • 2 tall 'pub style' tables, 4 tall comfortable chairs
  • a kegorator
  • and features an Aviation theme

The Clubhouse at Lexington Woods is primarily used for annual HOA meetings, neighborhood parties, graduations, birthdays. 
It offers a lot of space to "spread out" and be comfortable. 
Please visit Clubhouse Reservations to book

"The Top Deck" 
Just outside the back door of the clubhouse is the Top Deck. In 2020 it went through some minor improvements and is easily the best kept secret. 

Perfect for enjoying a cold beverage.
Perfect for enjoying your favorite sporting event.
Perfect for relaxing while watching fireworks!


  "This 4th of July was incredible! Easily the best time I've ever had. It's amazing that you can see fireworks from 3 or 4 different neighborhoods!"  - a guest

"After tennis matches, we come up here and have dinner and enjoy the views!" - a neighborhood tennis player

"Its so convenient to have the Weber Grill available at the bottom of the stairs!"

"The rollaway television is amazing! I can sit out, enjoy a cigar and watch golf! Life doesn't get much better!" - happy resident